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If you’re an Android smartphone user then you must know about MX Player which is the best video player for an Android smartphone or tablet. I’m not just going to introduce the Android version of MX player here but I’ll also provide a tutorial using which you’ll be able to get MX Player for PC download or MX Player for Windows 7. The method which is described in this post is same when you play Subway Surfers for PC with the help of Android Emulator

As Android provides power of customization to the users so users should expand the usage of their smartphone. The features which were earlier possible only on the PC can now be experienced over smartphone.

MX Player for PC

The MX Player is a very powerful app available on the GooglePlay store for free which lets users to expand the video player functionalities on their Android smartphones or tablets. The app is very popular and the developer of the app even provides different supporting apps which can be installed to increase the functionalists and support of the parent app further.

There is a pro version of the app available too for Android users which can be purchased and then all the pro features of the app can be experienced for the lifetime.

Before providing you the tutorial on how to get MX Player for PC download or for Android & Windows 7, I’m going to provide you the information regarding all the features of the app.

Download MX Player for Computer

Features of MX Player for Android and Windows 7

The very first feature this player provides is that it supports almost all the popular and known formats of video and audio files. This is how you never miss any video saved on your PC or SD card of your smartphone.

You can control the video by simple gestures. You can zoom in the video by the pinch to zoom feature, control volume and brightness by simply swiping up and down over the corners of the display and can seek forward or backward in the video with simply swiping right or left, respectively on the top of the display. This is how controlling a video becomes very easy.

These days there are lots of smartphones available with full HD resolution display. Thus, movies can be watched on this smartphones comfortably. But in case if movie is in different language then we need the subtitles and here comes the best feature of the app. MX Player supports subtitles and you can move them to left or right of the display by simply swiping.

MX Player for Android

The app comes with a file manager too where you can find list of all the videos saved on your smartphone or library. You can also put lock on a particular video, this feature is named as Child lock.

Download MX Player for PC or Android

So guys, I’m pretty sure that you’re impressed by the features and now want to use this app on your Android smartphone and also on your Windows 7 PC.

You can download MX Player and its supporting apps from the official Google Play store or follow this link from your smartphone.

But if you want to use it on your PC then follow the below mentioned steps,

  1. Download and install BlueStacks which is a free Android emulator.
  2. Using search tool of BlueStacks, search for MX Player.
  3. Now install the app and it will get installed on your PC.

That’s all! Now you’re done with getting MX Player for PC (Windows 7) and Android download.