Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download (Windows & Mac)

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Ever wonder to play a delicious game on your Android device or on PC? Well I’m here today with one such popular game which had also earned ‘Editor’s Choice’ batch on Google play store and still available for free. I’m going to share features of this game and also share guide on how to get Candy Crush Saga for PC free download (Windows & Mac).

The game is very popular among Android and Facebook users. The game is also available on Facebook app store and the Android version also got the Facebook integration. This is how the game is so popular among large number of users.

Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download

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About Candy Crush Saga Android game

Following are the features of Candy Crush Saga by reading those you’ll come to know what this game all about.

The first impressive thing at which this game will take you is its graphics. The graphics are delicious and developed in HD mode. I’m saying graphics delicious as there are candies in the game and candies are off course delicious. The sound track being played at the back of the game is also superb and matches perfectly with the game. Combination of HD graphics and sound track is what makes this game so addictive.

The game play is simple yet levels are not so easy to overcome. You need to arrange three or more similar looking candies in a single row in either vertical or horizontal fashion to clear them and move up in the game.

Download Candy Crush Saga for PC Free

There are lots of power candies in the game which you can use to destroy more candies with a single move. But those special candies can be earned only if you clear four or more candies in a single move.

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Over 400 levels are there in the game which you can play and clear to become the master of the game. The app got Facebook synchronization as well so that you can compete with your friends easily. The game also got leaderboards feature via which you can track your rankings with players around the world.

Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download (Windows & Mac)

You need to first update the graphics drivers of your PC and then follow the simple steps mentioned below to download Candy Crush Saga for PC (Windows & Mac).

  1. Download BlueStacks app player and install it on your PC. It’s available for both Windows and Mac PCs.
  2. Use its search tool to find Candy Crush Saga Android game on Google play store.
  3. Once you found the game then begin with its installation.

That’s all you need to do to get Candy Crush Saga for PC free download (Windows & Mac). Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.