Talking Tom Cat for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP Computer)

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Hey friends, I know that you’re a die hard fan of Talking Tom Cat app which is available for smartphones and want to use it on PC. I’m here with perfect tutorial using which you’ll be able to get Talking Tom Cat for PC download (Windows 7/8/XP).

The era of fun apps for smartphones is never going to end and people started using their mobile phones for fun after the introduction of iPhones and Android smartphones which supported many funny apps. Talking Tom Cat is another free funny app which became very popular among the Android users. The app is available for free and got over millions of downloads. There is also an upgraded version of the app available named, Talking Tom Cat 2.

talking tom cat for pc download

What is Talking Tom Cat for PC all about?

Talking Tom Cat was developed for the Android smartphones. As Android smartphones uses touch interface as their main input source so the app was working exceptionally well on all Android smartphones and even on tablets.

As soon as you get Talking Tom Cat installed on your Android smartphone or tablet or on PC then you can launch the app from the app drawer and then you’ll see a cat named Tom in front of you.

Now you can touch the display (Tom) which the app will use as input and there will be an output according to the input type. Like if you slap Tom then he’ll feel sad, if you touch him then he may talk to you, if you talk about anything then he will listen to your voice and revert back in a very funny way. The feature of listening you and your friend’s voice and reverting back it in a funny way is the main attraction of the app and this is how the main fun begins.

You can use this feature to make funnier by making tom listen to a song and he will sing that in a funny voice. This is how you’ll make most out of this feature.

downloading talking tom cat for pc or computer

You can ask Tom some questions and he will answer you back in some funny way. You can feed Tom with milk or even provide him with a bird and you can ask him whether he’ll eat that bird or not.

There are lots of other funny features in the app and this is how it becomes funnier than any other app.

Also the graphics and audio quality and type increase the funniness in the app. Tom can even make a scratch on the screen of your smartphone (just a fake one).

talking tom cat for computer

How to Download Talking Tom Cat for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

So I hope you enjoyed reading the funny features of Talking Tom Cat and now I’m writing down the method using which you can get Talking Tom Cat for PC download (Windows 7/8/XP).

  1. First download BlueStacks which is an Android emulator available for free and once it gets downloaded then install it.
  2. Now start BlueStacks and search for Talking Tom Cat app.
  3. Once you find the app then install it.

That’s all!

Now you got Talking Tom Cat for PC download and you can enjoy playing with your Tom. Also friends please keep visiting this website as we are going to post some more great articles in future.