BBM for PC Free Download – BlackBerry Messenger for Computer

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BlackBerry Messenger for computer or BBM for PC is still not available officially but still there is a working and genuine way to get this amazing and most popular messaging app for PC for free and I’m going to share that way in a simple tutorial here.

We all are aware that craziness and popularity of BlackBerry smartphones is almost over now. We all care for touch screen smartphones which are getting better and common these days. There is not any problem in the BlackBerry smartphone either but still BlackBerry smartphone isn’t working any more in the market.

BlackBerry Messenger for Computer

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The primary feature of BlackBerry smartphones till now is BBM or BlackBerry Messenger which uses to be the first free messaging app. Till few months ago it was only available for BlackBerry smartphones but recently BlackBerry Inc made it available for cross platforms.

So now it is available for iOS and Android users. The app got a cleaner user interface with the same features which users use to experience only on BlackBerry smartphones till now.

Features in BlackBerry Messenger or BBM for Android

BBM offers following features,

The first major feature is already described as the UI of the app is extremely simple and looks elegant. You’ll quickly learn using BBM to send free messages and that’s why every user looks for.

BBM let you send unlimited number of free text messages to any of your friend who is also using BBM either on Android, iOS or BlackBerry phone. The app works just like any other messaging app.

The app is always on and always connected unless your internet connection isn’t working. You’ll get messages instantly and whatever text you send, gets delivers instantly.

You can share photos, contacts, voice notes and many other things with your friends via this messaging app. You can also create groups of your friends to share text messages, photos or any other file with all them together.

The app provides better feature for your privacy. Unlike WhatsApp, BBM doesn’t create your profile with the phone number. Rather it creates your profile with a special and unique PIN number. Only those users can add you on their BBM who are aware of the exact PIN of your profile. Otherwise no one can add you to his/her list.

BBM for PC Free Download

You can put your profile picture i.e. face on your profile and can also share few more personal details. You can even update your current status in BBM.

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So in one line, BBM is a complete free messaging app and it got the potential to be the number one messaging app. It can easily get over WhatsApp.

BBM for PC free Download – BlackBerry Messenger for Computer

Follow the simple steps mentioned below.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks app player on your PC.
  2. Make a search for BBM in BlueStacks and you’ll find it on Google play store.
  3. Use the app you found and install it.

That’s all you suppose to do to download BlackBerry Messenger for computer or BBM for PC for free. Share this guide with your friends as you’re now aware of using number one messaging app on PC.