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Although the default camera app which is there on the Android smartphones and tablets is good but still users want to experience more new features by using third party apps which are available at Google play store. When it comes to camera app then Cymera is one among the most popular Android apps which is available at Google play store for free. I’m going to share features of Cymera and guide that will let you get Cymera for PC free download.

Cymera app is available only for Android smartphones and tablets till now but it can be used on PC as well with the help of software. I’m going to share the complete guide after sharing the features Cymera app provides to the users.

Cymera for PC download free

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Features of Cymera app

These days people want to use DLSR level of effects right on their Android smartphones. They don’t want to purchase any DLSR but still want to take the identical effects to their pictures. Cymera app can help them in many aspects.

Cymera app comes with lots of special features which are of DLSR level. Users can add special effects like out of focus, self portrait, anti shake, touch focus and lots of shooting modes. These features and special effects are there in DLSR but can be experienced on Android smartphones using Cymera app easily.

The app comes with an integrated file manager too using which users can edit any picture and customize it. Users can add special effects, frames and DLSR level of effects to any picture they want.

Cymera app also allows users to create collage using two or more pictures all together easily. There are tons of pre defined frames and special effects available supporting collage creation using which users can create unique and professional level collage easily.

The UI of the whole app is very easy and it can easily replace the default camera app of your Android smartphone. While using it on PC you’ll be able to use it only to edit already taken pictures and add some extra and much required effects to make those pictures unique and better looking.

Download Cymera for PC (Windows Computer)

Users can even make a picture funny by adding some funny effects to any picture they want. They can change face or any other part of any picture to give it a funny look like by increasing size of eyes while keeping rest of the face untouched.

The app comes with social sharing options too using which users can easily share any picture directly to the social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter directly within the app.

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How to Download Cymera for PC (Windows Computer)

You can download Cymera for PC easily by following simple steps mentioned down here.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks software from this official link.
  2. Use search tool of BlueStacks to find Cymera app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

That’s all you need to do to download Cymera for PC. I hope you really like this app over any other picture customization app and also share this guide with your friends on social networks.