Dolphin Browser for PC or Windows Free Download

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Dolphin Browser is the best web browser among the iPhone and iPad users. It has been available for those two most popular devices since many years and now it is available for Android users as well. Dolphin Browser is available at Google play store for free and using our guide you can also install it on your PC.

I’m going to provide a simple guide using which you’ll be able to download Dolphin Browser for PC or Windows for free but before that I’ll share the features you’re going to experience in this. I personally use it on my Android smartphone.

download Dolphin Browser for PC

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Features of Dolphin Browser

I’m mentioning the features of Dolphin Browser so that you can know what all you’re going to experience with it. Following are the features of Dolphin Browser which you’re also experience on your PC.

The first unique feature Dolphin Browser provides to its users is that it supports gestures. You can set gestures by your own and can use the already set gestures. Using these gestures you can do any particular thing on the web browser like opening bookmarks, download manager, open new tab or do any other thing. Till now this feature isn’t available in any other web browser.

The Dolphin Browser also allows add-ons which mean users can increase the functionality of the browser by means of those add-ons. There is an inbuilt store of add-ons using which users can find them and add any particular add-on easily. The Dolphin Browser also supports themes using which you can give a personal touch to your web browser.

Users can search or access web at much increased speed without increasing the network speed. The Dolphin Browser uses technology which allows it to provide faster web browsing experience to its users.

The Dolphin Browser also comes with an inbuilt download manager and bookmark manager using which users can manage bookmarks and any kind of file which has been downloaded using Dolphin Browser. The bookmark manager can be used to keep any URL or website safe with you so that you can use it anytime in future.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download

The browser also supports multi tasking and multi tab browsing which clearly means that users can access many websites at a single time using new multiple tabs.

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Users can share websites or any other thing they found over the web with their social networks using the social sharing buttons available. This is a great feature to keep your social network updated.

One last but not the least feature of Dolphin Browser is its user interface. You can use this app for surfing web browser easily and you don’t need any guide to learn using it.

Download Dolphin Browser for PC

In order to download Dolphin Browser for PC you need to follow the simple steps mentioned down here.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks app player on your PC.
  2. Use the search tool of BlueStacks to find Dolphin Browser app.
  3. Download and install the app once you found it.

That’s all you need to do to download Dolphin Browser for PC. Share this guide with your friends over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.