How to fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error Easily?

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Friends, today we are here with tutorial on how to easily fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error.

Some people prefer Windows 7 over 8 but there are chronicles to every Operating system. The problem that bugs most people in Windows 7 is the popping up of a message, “This Copy of Windows is not genuine”. It can be annoying at times and a tricky one to fix up. However, this message appears to only those who use a redundant and unoriginal copy of Windows 7 but fixing the problem is an important concern.

Note : We Don’t support piracy in any way and this post is just for information purpose. The main intent of this guide is to provide technical tutorial which will help one to make Windows 7 Genuine easily

Windows 7

Piracy has been taking double dose from the last decade and so on. There is almost no remedy to piracy and a majority of people are seen with the unoriginal version of Windows 7. Hence, they all experience the same pop up every time they open the computer. In the following section, we will aware you about the solution to this problem. However, if we are providing the solution, it is not meant to license or promote people to undertake piracy.

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Below, I have provided the complete guide to fix the error i.e Windows 7 Not Genuine

Easily fix the “Windows 7 Not Genuine” Error:

I would like to ask you that please follow each and every step which is mentioned below. If you skip any then you are likely to not solve the problem and you will not get Windows 7 Genuine copy at the end of the tutorial, so just follow all steps very carefully.

  1. The first and foremost step requires the user to log into the Windows 7 OS and initiate the command prompt software. For the people who do not know how to begin the command prompt, they just need to type “cmd” keyword in the start menu search field. Before starting the command prompt, the user is required to look for the pop up list and select “run as administrator”. This can be done by right clicking on “cmd.exe”.Windows 7 not Genuine Step 1
  2. Upon entering the command prompt window, the user shall enter the command, “SLMGR-REARM”. This has to be entered under the “Run as administrator” option. It does not work the other way round.Windows 7 Genuine
  3. Under the third step, the user needs to press “enter” button on keyboard after inserting the above mentioned command. Hitting the enter button triggers the operation.
  4. After processing the command successfully, the pop-up window will appear claiming that the command has been completed successfully. It would also ask you to restart the computer. Please follow the instructions sincerely and restart the computer.Make Windows 7 Original
  5. When you restart the computer, you would notice a miracle. Yes, the error saying “This copy of Windows is not genuine” will not appear again. Hence, the problem is solved.

Conclusion on Making your Windows 7 Genuine Copy

The “Windows 7 Not Genuine” error is quite common among the people using a pirated version of Windows 7 and curing it becomes more than a necessity. The over-annoyance of this error can distract people while working and hence a cure is important. By complying with the above mentioned procedure, the error can fly away from the computer facilitating a peaceful and bliss PC experience.

The existence of “Windows 7 Not Genuine” error will also vanish if you follow the steps mentioned by us in the above paragraph. The problem might look very big when it annoys you, but its cure can happen at a prompt rate and the process is very easy. Therefore, every one having the same problem with their Windows 7 can remove the error without any hassles by following the above mentioned steps.

I hope you successfully followed all the steps and you now have Windows 7 Genuine copy, please share this post over Facebook as well as Google+ so that we can help more people.