Download Viber for HTC, LG, Sony Ericssion, Nokia & Samsung Phones

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Viber is a free app available on all major smartphone platforms and also available for PC. Viber is the only app which is officially available for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) among the free messaging apps. It is a free messaging app which is very popular and already got millions of users. I’m here with a guide that will let you download Viber for HTC, LG, Sony Ericssion, Nokia & Samsung phones.

Viber is there for almost every mobile phone and smartphones. If your mobile phone is having support for JAVA language then chances of getting it for your phone are higher.

Download Viber for Phones

I’ll provide a guide here that will first let you get features of this app so that you can know what all you can do with Viber app and later I’ll provide direct download link from where you can download Viber for mobile phone.

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About Viber for Phones

I’m starting this guide by first mentioning the features of Viber for phones so that you can know what all you can do using Viber free app.

This is another free messaging app which has got simpler, cleaner, elegant and addictive user interface. If you’ve already used or seen WhatsApp or Skype apps then you won’t find any difference in using this messenger. Every messaging app looks like some but Viber clearly makes the difference with its elegant look. In short, the app is colorful and you’re definitely going to get addicted with it.

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The app will let you send free text messages without paying anything and it will also let you make free calls, not just voice but even video calls. The video calls and voice calls comprise of HD quality sound and HD video. This is the prime feature of using Viber app and this is the major reason why the app is becoming so popular.

Users of Viber app can create groups of maximum 100 users and stay connected with them all together. Using these groups users can list their school, work or office friend all together and stay connected with them with a single interface.

If you’re having a smartphone and using Viber on it then it will provide push notifications through the notification bar of your phone. Using this feature you’ll be able to stay connected with your friends for longer and you won’t be missing any moment or message or call from any of your friend.

Download Viber for HTC, LG, Sony Ericssion, Nokia & Samsung Phones

The only limitation in this app is that it will allow you to send text messages or make free calls only to the users who are also using Viber app either on their PC or on their tablet or on their smartphones or mobile phone.

The app is available in lots of international languages so that more users can find it easier to use the app in their native app. It can be your primary messaging app.

Download Viber for HTC, LG, Sony Ericssion, Nokia & Samsung Phones

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Follow the download link mentioned down here from your phone and then choose your platform and click on the download link.

I hope you find Viber for your mobile phone and start using this free messaging app from the day one.

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