Flappy Bird for PC (Play Online) & Download It on Computer

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Thanks to the APK files of Flappy Bird game because of which you can still install this game and play it on your Android device or on your PC. If you wish to play this deleted but very popular game on your PC or Android device then I’m providing here a guide on how to play Flappy Bird for PC or download it on computer.

The game became popular during the month of December 2013 and since then it was growing like anything. Its popularity broke all the records and the game was making a profit of $50,000 per day for its developer.

About Flappy Bird game

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About Flappy Bird game

The game was available at iTunes app store and also at the Google play store. Yesterday the developer called the end of the game and deleted his game from both the app stores due to unknown reasons. He only said that the game ruined his life and now he don’t want to ruin other’s life. So he took the game off to save the life of other people who still didn’t play this game.

The game was very addictive in spite of being very simple. The game play and the graphics both were simple and there was nothing like a very huge sized graphics or nifty game play in it but still it joined the top charts at iTunes app store and the Google Play store.

In this game there use to be a Flappy bird who is trying to fly as far as she can. You’re provided the control of her and you can only make her jump in the air a little bit by touching the screen. This is all you can do in the game.

Play Flappy Bird for PC & Download It on Computer

But the real fun begins when there are pipes coming in your way. A combination of pipes comes in the way and you need to pass the Flappy bird through the gap between them. There is no end of the pipes coming in your way and you need to show best of your skills to put highest score.

The game play was so fast that it took hours of game play to even touch the high score of 10. This is the reason why this game became addictive as it put a challenge in front of the gamers.

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Download Flappy Bird for PC & Play it Online.

You can download Flappy Bird for PC still and in order to do so you have to follow the simple steps as mentioned down here.

  1. First download BlueStacks app player and install it. Skip this step if BlueStacks is already installed.
  2. Run BlueStacks and download Flappy Bird APK from here.
  3. Once APK file is downloaded then open it with BlueStacks and follow the screen instructions to install the game.

That’s it! This is how you can download Flappy Bird for PC and play it for free. You can also play this game within the browser without installing it over here.

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