Dr Driving for PC Game (Windows 7/8) Free Download

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Be safe while riding your favorite red color car because the traffic on the road is huge and also the controls are not always the perfect. I’m talking about the Dr. Driving game not of any car racing do or die movie. You’re here going to find tutorial on how to free download Dr. Driving for PC game.

Dr. Driving is a very popular Android game and available at the Google Play store for free. The game is getting very popular day by day and it’s a truly best car racing Android game with good quality game physics.

Download Dr. Driving for PC

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Dr. Driving game features

The game is very basic when you start playing it but it’s very tough to score high score in it. As the name suggests, this game will help you in learning how to play car racing games on an Android smartphone or tablet.

The game is absolutely free to play and it won’t ask anything to pay for any of its features. You need to control two things in the game. First is the steering of the car you’re driving and seconds is the braking system using which you can stop the car you’re riding.

The graphics of this game are very basics but still can be listed in the good category. Don’t expect high quality 3D graphics in this game as this isn’t the case with the Dr. Driving Android game. The sound effects are good and match perfectly with everything going in the background in the graphics.

The game supports Google+ leaderbaords and achievements features using which you can share your high scores with your friends and can lead the leaderboard. You can find your Google+ friends playing this game and this is how you can play this car racing game with your Google+ real friends.

Dr. Driving game features

There are lots of viewing angles in the game which you can change just to get different look while driving. You should remember this thing that the Dr. Driving is not a car racing game (completely) rather it’s a game which will make you learn driving car, as I already mentioned in the starting of this guide.

You’re provided with a limited time frame and you have to show best of your skills in that given time frame. You should not hit any obstacle or other vehicle coming in front of you so that you can get highest score in the game.

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Download Dr. Driving for PC

You can download Dr. Driving for PC and play this game for free on your Windows 7/8 running computer. You have to follow below mentioned simple steps in order to do so.

  1. Download BlueStacks on your PC. You can get this software for free from here.
  2. Install BlueStacks and start it.
  3. Use the search tool of BlueStacks to find Dr. Driving Android game.
  4. Download the game as you found it.

Within few minutes the game will be installed on your PC and you can start learning how to drive a car in a game using this game.