Banana Kong for PC (Windows 7/8) Download & Play

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Till now you have played lots of funny characters in endless running type games but now it’s time to make a monkey run for his banana. The epic game story inspires you to play it for hours and using the guide here on how to download Banana Kong for PC you can even play it on your computer.

Banana Kong is available at no cost on the GooglePlay store and you will find it very addictive due to its features and impressive graphics. The game play of Banana Kong is awesome and you’ll love playing it for hours.

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Download Banana Kong for PC

Banana Kong Features

One of the unique feature of Banana Kong is that it saves its data on the cloud storage so that you can play the same game on any of your device and you can even find the lost stages and high score if the game got deleted or uninstalled due to any reason.

It got superb HD display which will make you addicted of playing it and attract you to play the game for hours. I’m pretty sure that in starting you’re going to play it for at least an hour. This clearly shows how addictive game it is.

The Banana Kong is very fast. It starts within 10 seconds of you launch its app and the fast paced game is really tough to master. It’s a big challenge in front of you to master the game and put the highest score in lesser time.

As a monkey is running in the game (character in Banana Kong) so the things you need to collect must be banana and as the name suggests it is banana. You have to collect as many of them as you can while running and make sure you don’t get hurt due to any obstacles in the way, there are many!

You can control the Banana Kong with single finger or thumb while playing it on your Android device which is a touch based. Yes, the game is completely developed for touch screen devices but playing it on PC you can control it via mouse.

Banana Kong download

There are animals in the Banana Kong (other animals) and you can ride them to help yourself towards the high score. There are lots of things in the game and funny animations. The graphics and the sound effects combo will make you addicted to the game in lesser time.

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Download Banana Kong for PC

You can download Banana Kong for PC and play it online from PC for free by following the steps shared down,

  1. First you have to download BlueStacks software from its genuine and official website. You can find it there for free.
  2. Install the BlueStacks software using the installer file you downloaded just now.
  3. Run BlueStacks and find Banana Kong game.
  4. Download and install the game once you found it.

This is all you need to do to get Banana Kong download for PC and now you can enjoy playing it after few minutes.