Fruit Ninja for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer Free Download

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A game developed by Halfbrick Studios became very popular on the Google Play store, iTunes app store and even on Nokia OVI store that users went crazy for playing the game. Game name is Fruit Ninja and it can be played on PC as well using the guide here on Fruit Ninja for PC free download.

Game became very popular during the early days of its launching and still it got millions of users. There are tons of delicious features of this game due to which users feel so addictive of playing it for hours.

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About Fruit Ninja game

About Fruit Ninja game

This game starts with a story of Ninja when he is attacked by other Ninjas using the fruits and now he needs to learn how to tackle those fruits. The more fruits you crush in the game the better ranking you get. You can watch the video on the Google Play store to get the complete story behind the game.

The game play is totally independent of the story and you can play it without even watching that video. You need to cut the fruits in the game using your fingers and the more you cut down the better rankings you get.

The game is available in two modes, free and paid one. You can start with the free one and later join the paid app players. Your finger is like a sword in the game like every Ninja have and you need to cut down the fruits and vegetables thrown at you.

Graphics of the game are eye catching and very delicious due to the fruits and vegetables. Sound effects are also there and they are awesome enough to make you addict of the game play. Once you start playing the Fruit Ninja game then I’m pretty sure that you won’t leave it playing before at least an hour.

Download Fruit Ninja for PC

Carve, splatter and slash the colorful fruits you’re seeing that are jumping in the screen in front of you. You need to screw them up so that you can lead up in the levels with a high score. In order to gain high score easily you need to cut two or more fruits in a single touch.

To increase the game playing difficulty there are bombs coming along the fruits. Once you cut them up then you’ll lose some points from the score you made. You can even get more weapons by unlocking them and most of the levels in the game are there with limited time frame.

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Download Fruit Ninja for PC

You can get Fruit Ninja for PC or Windows computer free download by following the simple 3 steps shared below.

  1. First download BlueStacks software from its official site and install it. It’s a genuine software and its installation is easy.
  2. Start BlueStacks and find Fruit Ninja game using its search tool.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it.

Once the game is downloaded completely then you can start playing it for free. I hope you also like playing this game on PC.