Bad Piggies for PC (Windows 7/8) Free Download

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If you’re looking for a game that will let you show your creativity then Bad Piggies is the one which you should start playing right now. The guide here will let you know about the game and also share a guide with you on how to download Bad Piggies for PC.

Bad Piggies is developed by Rovio which is the official developer of very popular Angry Birds game. Basically, this game is the second version of Angry Birds as it says now it’s time to see the life and challenges of piggies.

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Bad Piggies Features

It’s a kind of puzzle game based completely on physics rules and you need to make sure you complete each level by using right logics. The story starts of pigs with the need of taking away eggs

from the birds (which will later become angry). So it takes you back into the reason why birds became angry.

Download Bad Piggies for PC

Graphics of the Bad Piggies got nothing to complaint about and sound effects are hilarious and match perfectly with everything going in the background. Animations are very hilarious and the complete game is very addictive.

In starting you may find trouble in learning how to play so I’m sharing that here. You’re provided with options to create a craft using various equipments. Now put in the piggy into that craft and make it run, fly and dash through the way. The way will take you to the place where eggs are lying and you need to steal them from there.

The numbers of equipments available using which you can create craft are limited according to the levels but they grow in number as game level increases. You need to complete levels and thus a chapter will be completed. New chapters and levels are also added with each new game update.

Approx 170 new levels are there in the game and 36 additional levels to unlock three stars. You need to assemble the transport craft and then make it fly through the air. Make sure you don’t get struck into any obstacle in the way as that can badly hurt your transport.

Bad Piggies Features

The complete game play is superb, easy and very addictive just like Angry Birds. If you’ve completed all levels of Angry Birds then it’s time to try Bad Piggies and I’m sure you won’t find any bad in it.

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Download Bad Piggies for PC

You can also download Bad Piggies for PC using the guide here. The game is not available for PC officially but it can be done genuinely using a free software.

  1. You need to download BlueStacks on your PC and install it by following its simple installation instructions.
  2. Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Bad Piggies game.
  3. Install it as you found it in the search results.

This is all needs to be done to get Bad Piggies for PC download and now you can start the game from the My Apps of BlueStacks.