Into the Dead for PC Free Download & Playing Tutorial

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A zombie killing Android game which has won the Editor’s Choice award is the one which I’ll share with you today. Yes, you’re thinking right. Into the Dead is the best zombie based game available on the Google Play store and you can’t get any better. Here is a guide that will let you download Into the Dead for PC.

It’s a game with a story behind unlike every zombie based Android game and it got superb game playing experience which will make you thrill for sure.

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Into the Dead Features

The game starts when you just crashed your plane into the field which is completely filled with zombies. The zombies are coming in huge number near the plane which you just crashed and you need to instantly start running.

Into the Dead Features

You need to control few things while running. Running is automatic and you can’t increase or decrease the speed but you need to control the direction in which you’re running. Zombies are coming from single side (front) and you need to take your side to be safe from them. Even if you pass them nearer then they can catch you and start eating i.e. game over/end.

Graphics and sound quality in the game is of high definition and you need to check only on the direction you’re running in and the zombies coming in front of you. You won’t find any lag in performance of the game but it’s big in size than other games. It will work well on PC and any Android device having dual core CPU with at least 1GB of RAM.

Download Into the Dead for PC

The game play is simple as you need to control only the direction but it’s very intense due to the number of zombies coming to you. There are weapons in the game which you can find by collecting them from the boxes lying in the way while running. Using those weapons you can kill zombies in rare cases but make sure you use them in emergency condition only as number of ammo offered to you is very limited.

The complete Into the Dead game is divided into levels and the weapons are unlocked accordingly. The longer you run the more you get in-game currency using which you can unlock new levels and weapons. You need to complete missions offered to you to move up in levels and this is how game becomes further more challenging.

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Download Into the Dead for PC

You can also download Into the Dead for PC using the guide here. The game is not available for PC officially but it can be done genuinely using a free software.

  1. You need to download BlueStacks on your PC and install it by following its simple installation instructions.
  2. Start BlueStacks and use its search tool to find Into the Dead game.
  3. Install it as you found it in the search result.

This is all needs to be done to get Into the Dead for PC downloads and now you can start the game from the My Apps within BlueStacks.