Traffic Racer for PC (Windows 7/8) Download & Play

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A game developed by Skgames (Soner Kara) is very popular on the Google Play store and it’s named Traffic Racer. The same game can be played on PC as well using our guide on how to download Traffic Racer for PC here. You’re also going to get features of this game here that will let you know what this game all about.

It’s not at all a racing game as there are no other opponents to challenge you but still this game got everything which are required to make a gamer addicted.

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Traffic Racer features

Get ready to drive through the busiest rout of the city now in Traffic Racer. You need to concentrate completely on the game otherwise you can anytime meet an accident.

Traffic Racer features

As the name suggests, you are going to become a racer of traffic but don’t expect the traffic to be little. The traffic is huge but as you’re a racer so you need to drive in the full speed.

You can control three things while driving, acceleration, brakes and off course the steering. Traffic is coming from both ways and there is no divider between in certain levels. This is how things become worst.

Graphics are pure and this game offers pure driving experience like many PC versions car racing games. Sound effects are also there to thrill you through the racing events going on. In short, you’re going to drive through narrow passes between two vehicles being driven on the way you’re on and you’re always I hurry to put the best or highest score

Users can select different cars from the store and they can even upgrade their car’s specifications and features. A car can be improved by using the upgrade options available in there and this particular feature makes the game complete.

While in certain situations like you’re driving in night, you can even use dipper when some vehicle is coming in wrong direction or you are in wrong direction. This is another feature which provides a complete driving experience.

Download Traffic Racer for PC

19 different cars are there along with 4 different environments in the game and 4 game modes are there to start playing. Online leaderboards and achievements feature is also there using which you can find your rankings and compare your scores with other gamers from all around the world. Graphics are of 3D quality and animation visuals are stunning. In short, complete game playing experience is superb.

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Download Traffic Racer for PC

You can have Traffic Racer for PC easily by following the steps mentioned down here.

  1. First download BlueStacks on your Windows computer and install it using its simple screen installation instructions.
  2. Once it’s installed then run it and using its search tool, find Traffic Racer game.
  3. Now download the game. It will automatically install under My Apps of BlueStacks.

This is all need to be done to get Traffic Racer for PC and I’m sure you’ll love playing it for the whole day.