Dragon Mania for PC or Computer (Windows 7/8) Download Guide

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Hello friends, if you like dragons then you’ll definitely like the game I’m going to share today with you. You’re here at a guide that will get you Dragon Mania for PC download and I can bet that you will be getting addicted to it. Its all about dragons completely and you’re going to feed them since their childhood. The game is developed by Gameloft and its there on the Google Play store for free. It does offer in-app purchases but that depends on you whether to make payment or not.

Gameloft is a top developer over the Google Play store which is another reason you should try out it for once. I’ve been playing it on my tablet and found it really worth to share.

Dragon Mania features

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Dragon Mania features

I’m starting this guide with first sharing the features of this game with you so that you can know about it and what all you’re going to experience while playing Dragon Mania Android game.

As I already mentioned in starting that Dragon Mania is all about dragons. You’re going to find lots of dragons in starting of the game whom you need to feed food and help them grow into the mighty ones.

You need to upgrade dragons by purchasing resources for them using the coins you’re having. Coins works as in-game currency here and you need to spend some time to have a collection of lots of coins. As I mentioned in starting that this game offers in-app purchases so you can buy coins by making appropriate payment if you wish to move onto new levels fastly.

Graphics quality is simply superb as I was expecting from a game developed by Gameloft and the sound effects are completely inspired from the dragon century. The formula of high quality graphics and perfectly matching sound effects completes the game experience and takes it to a complete new level.

Dragon Mania for PC Download

Things you need to do while playing is feeding dragons, help them grow, help them understand their unique powers and ultimately using them during the fights with other evil dragons. Each dragon has got its own unique power and you must be aware of them. You can combine two different dragons to create a newer and stronger than previous two and doing this can help you a lot in this game to survive.

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Understanding what you need to do in this Dragon Mania game is simple and this is the reason why you’ll love to play it for hours.

Dragon Mania for PC Download

You can get this game for your PC using a genuine software. All you need to do is follow the simple steps shared below.

  1. First get BlueStacks ready on your PC. You can download it from here and its installation is very simple or just like any other software.
  2. Run BlueStacks and search for Dragon Mania Android game using the search tool you see there.
  3. Click on Download and install options once you found the game in search results.

This is it! Once you’re done with this guide on Dragon Mania for PC download then you can start the game from My Apps of BlueStacks.