SoundHound for PC (Windows 7/8) & Mac Download Tutorial

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If you’re looking for best alternative to Shazam app then none other than SoundHound is recommended and I’m going to share a guide here that will get you SoundHound for PC & Mac download for free. The SoundHound app is available on all popular smartphone platforms but it’s still not there for PC yet. If you’re guessing it just as a music player then let me tell you that you’re doing it wrong as its more than just a music player app. If you got any Android device right now wit you then move into the Google Play store and search for SoundHound app. You can install that for free from there.

It is also available for iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices which are also among the popular smartphone platforms other than Android.

SoundHound app features

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SoundHound app features

I’m starting the guide here with first sharing the features of this app so that you can know what this app all about and can confirm with the decision of installing it on your device or PC.

As I already mentioned above that it’s there on the platforms for free but it’s not yet available for PC users, you can’t even find it for Windows 8 computers. But still there is a way to get this app installed on Windows and Mac computer easily which I’m going to share in the last.

SoundHound app allows you to play the music or audio tracks lying there on your device and the music player app (built-in) is superbly designed. You’re going to love whatever you’re going through and it will soon become your default music player app.

It got a simple user interface to start with which helps users to understand everything quickly and you’ll learn using it without using any user guide. There are many things which you’re going to love for sure and rarely a thing which you won’t like at all.

SoundHound for PC Download

It comes with blazing fast music recognition feature just like Shazam using which users can find out complete details and description of a song easily. It can even understand your humming tone and find out the song you’re humming. This is an incredible feature to experience and no other app can do that, even Shazam can’t do that.

It comes with built in news related to artists you like or genre of songs you listen to mostly. There is built in Facebook and Twitter trends going on so that you can find out which songs your friends are talking about. Another best feature is that users can find the songs and can buy them from songs stores and watch their videos over YouTube.

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SoundHound for PC Download

The three sets of simple instructions I’m sharing below will work on both Windows (7/8) and Mac platform.

  1. First get BlueStacks ready on your PC. You can download it for both Windows from here and here for Mac for free.
  2. Start BlueStacks and using its search tool, find out SoundHound app.
  3. Now download and install the app as you found it in the search results.

You’re done with the installation now and I hope you always love using it.