Nimbuzz for PC or Windows 7/8 Computer Download Guide

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Nimbuzz Messenger had been there for us since many years before the WhatsApp or any other popular messaging app. It was used to be a strong competitor for Skype as it was there for mobile phones while Skype wasn’t. You can easily find lots of your friends using Nimbuzz now as well and here I’m sharing a guide that will get you Nimbuzz for PC download easily. Most of the messaging apps are available only for smartphone platforms and not for PC ones which creates little trouble for users but this isn’t the case with Nimbuzz as it’s available officially for PC platform.

You can easily download Nimbuzz for Windows and even for Mac platform which is an incredible feature and it increases overall user experience for sure.

Nimbuzz for PC

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Features of Nimbuzz

The orange colored application will soon be there on your computer but before that let’s start knowing what are the features it offer to the users.

First and the most common feature is that it will make you send free and unlimited number of text messages to any person who is using this application on any of his/her device. Free HD voice calls are also supported which can be done with all of your Nimbuzz friends/contacts.

Group chat feature is also supported which is an amazing feature to experience if you have some real good friends who are always free to make your boring time to pass. Different chat rooms are also offered by the Nimbuzz where you can join in and can find new friends and contacts to start chatting and have friendship with.

Download Nimbuzz for PC

Picture and video sharing features are also supported and if you wish to call someone’s phone number then you can do that as well using the Nimbuzz credit (which you need to buy though). It got a simple and elegant orange colored user interface which is elegant and also helps in making users addicted.

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Nimbuzz for PC Download

In order to get Nimbuzz for PC and get it installed you don’t need to go along a lengthy procedure. This app is officially available for PC platforms and this is the reason why you can do the installation with one simple step. You need to download it from its official site and then follow the installation procedure which is simple and also free.

You can get Nimbuzz for PC (Windows) from this official link and you’re not going to find any problem with the downloading process. Once this software or PC client is downloaded then you can start the installation. Installation process is very simple and just like any other simple Windows software.

Once it’s installed then you can launch it any time using its desktop shortcut and I hope you won’t find any trouble with its launching. This was all you need to do to get Nimbuzz for PC (Windows 7/8) and I hope you find your friends using it. Don’t forget to share this guide with your social friends so that they can also start using it.