ooVoo for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Computer (Tutorial)

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In the era of messaging apps, the old and golden messengers are still doing great. They already got millions of active users and the same number of already registered users due to which it gets easier to find out our friends over there. Today I’m going to share a guide with you that will get you ooVoo for PC download and this tutorial is going to work on Windows 7/8 computer easily.

ooVoo is not a new messaging application and as you can expect it’s a cross platform one. You can find it on Google Play store, iTunes app store and even on Facebook. The official PC versions of this app are also there for Windows and Mac computers so you can call it as the best alternative to Skype.

ooVoo for PC

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ooVoo features

If you’re looking for a perfect messenger which is also available officially for PC platforms then I’ll recommend none other than ooVoo. I’m sharing its complete features or the things it will allow you to do. Following are the features of ooVoo messaging application.

Just like any other messenger you can send unlimited number of free text messages to any other user. You can send files to any other user and the files includes photos, videos or any other media file. In case if your friend is not online or not using ooVoo then you can even send text messages to his/her phone number directly. This particular feature is not free and you need to buy credits to make use of that.

You can make unlimited free voice and video calls to all other users. If person in opposite is not online then you can leave video message (maximum 5 min) or you can call his/her phone number. Just like previous one, this particular feature is paid one.

The user interface of the complete application is simple to understand and elegant too. Due to the reason it’s there for smartphones and PCs so you’ll be finding easily your friends using it and if not then you can invite them easily to start using it.

ooVoo for PC Download

It lets you do free group video chat in which you can add maximum of 12 friends together and can do the video conferencing with each other remotely and also together. This particular feature is again free. You can set automatic recording for all voice calls and video calls so that you can revive all the moments later in your life.

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Screen sharing feature is also supported within the box and it even allows multiple users to watch any YouTube movie or video together to get a feel of watching it together at home/cinema.

ooVoo for PC Download

in order to download ooVoo for PC you need to follow this official URL and then start the download process. Once setup file is downloaded then you can do the installation.

Installation is easy and within few minutes the app will be ready to be worked with. You need to create your profile using email ID and phone number. That’s it!