Skater Boy for PC Download on Windows 7/8 Computer

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Hey guys, today I’m going to share one endless running kind of game with you which you can find on the Google Play store under Arcade category for free. The game name is Skater Boy and it’s developed by Runner Games developer unit. It is there for free and being downloaded and reviewed by millions of users till today. The numbers of its users are growing in thousands by each day which shows the reason why I’m sharing it with you here.

Here you’re going to find a guide that will get you Skater Boy for PC Download and this guide is going to work pretty well on Windows 7 and 8 computers easily. I’m going to share features of this game first so that you can know what you’re about to experience while playing.

Skater Boy for PC

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Skater Boy game Features

I’m starting now with detailed review of this game as I had personally played it on my computer and also on my tablet. Following are the features of Skater Boy.

As the name suggests you will be doing skating and the character in the game is a boy but there is nothing related to skating here. Rather this game is a simple endless running kind in which you need to run on your skates for as long as you can and collect as many coins as you can.

There are stars in it instead of coins which you need to collect. You can move forward fastly and jump in the air over your skates. These are the two things you can do and this is how you need to control the skater boy there.

Download Skater Boy for PC

Each new level is challenging and expect new and more obstacles as you proceed. You got limited number of life and once you start winning then you will be awarded with trophies as well. This is all about Skater Boy Android game which you’re about to play. Game play is addictive and simple to learn.

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Skater Boy for PC Download

In order to get this installation done on your Windows 7/8 computer you need to make sure that you first update the graphics driver of your computer to their latest version and then follow below mentioned three simple steps as it is.

  1. You need to first ready BlueStacks on your computer. You can download it for free from here and its installation is just like any other software.
  2. Start the BlueStacks using its desktop shortcut once it’s ready to be used and then using its search tool, find out Skater Boy Android game.
  3. Now download and install the game once you found it in the search results. Once it’s downloaded then its installation will happen automatically.

This is all needs to be done to get Skater Boy for PC download and I hope you didn’t find any trouble during the installation. Do share this guide with your social friends over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn so that they can also know about this superb game and also this installation guide.