Download Angry Gran Run for PC or Windows 78XP Computer

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Ace Viral developer has developed and launched a very addictive game on Google Play store and iTunes app store which is getting popular day by day. The game has been played by millions of users from all around the world and you can find it for free on the app stores. Here is a guide on how to download Angry Gran Run for PC and this guide is going to work very well on Windows 7/8/XP OS version running computers.

Not every game is worth trying out and you must have experienced that after using Android phones for longer time. So you definitely need to look for some authority review before starting with any application of game you found on the Google Play store which is looking interesting. I’m going to share review of this game with you so that you can know whether it’s worth trying out or not.

Download Angry Gran Run for PC

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Features – Angry Gran Run

It’s an endless running game in which the obstacles are unique and crazy and graphics throughout the game are unique. You’re never going to dislike any particular thing in it and this is the main reason why it’s getting popular day by day. I’m sharing features of this game now so that you can know whether it’s better to try it out or not.

It’s a licensed game from so you can expect the old and best version of it. So the first feature is that its an official version and you’re definitely going to experience a better game playing experience which is must.

In it, you need to make the old grany run faster and save herself from obstacles and other funny things coming in her way. You’re going to control her while running and make her do lots of things awhile. You need to make her collect coins and dash faster to reach high scores easily and in shorter time period.

Angry Gran Run

The obstacles in there are crazy and many in numbers. You can even see a dinosaur approaching you and you need to make sure that you didn’t make the grany her lunch. Graphics of this game are superb and the perfectly looking animations are its main back. Sound effects are hilarious at some time and match perfectly with every animations. Good luck!

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Download Angry Gran Run for PC

In order to do this installation you need to go through the following sets of instructions which I’m sharing down here. Before starting with this guide make sure that the graphics driver version of your computer is up to date otherwise you may get error.

  1. Download and install BlueStacks Android emulator on your computer first. You can get it for free from this official source guide.
  2. Start the BlueStacks software and then using its search tool, find out Angry Gran Run game.
  3. Download and install the game once you found it in the search results within BlueStacks.

That’s it! You’re done with the installation now and I hope you are going to share it with your social friends.