Facebook Messenger for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

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Facebook messenger is an instant messaging app developed for Facebook. This app will allow you to send messages to your friends whom you have added on your Facebook account. The app will also search your phonebook and will discover the people who have activated their number on the Facebook messenger. Thus, allowing you to talk to them without adding them on Facebook. Needless to say that this is cool new feature that the Facebook messenger came across with the purchase of the famous messenger WhatsApp.


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Facebook is the most famous social networking website which is now a major commercially used network too, in case of market and social presence. Now, everyone is on Facebook and so are you. The Facebook Messenger is an authority application of Facebook INC which keeps on updating now and then. It is an excellent and most secured way of messaging using your Facebook account.

Talking about the interface of the application, it is awesomely designed and look perfect will side scroll and tabbing options. The latest update of Facebook Messenger will also allow you to have a word with the people who have found a place in your phonebook. The messaging takes place without any critical issues, although if you’re using low end phones, the app will not work properly and will lag enormously.

How to Download Facebook Messenger for PC?

Facebook messenger is available for almost all major mobile platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian too. The latest version of it also makes it compatible to the newest version of windows mobile i.e. Windows 8 and 8.1. Although, Facebook Messenger for PC is not officially available for download. Still it can be made to run on your windows based PC.


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To get Facebook Messenger for PC, we can make use of emulator applications for either of the mobile platforms on which it is available. It is available on a wide variety of mobile OS, thus we need to find the most convenient emulator.

No issue, as here we have done that sort of research for you. We can make use of Android emulator called BlueStacks. There are several advantages of using Bluestacks, and the most important remain to be its price, which is not even a penny. Yeah, you heard it right! BlueStacks is a freeware application and the most recommended too.

To use Bluestacks to download and install Facebook Messenger on PC, you will need to follow the steps as below:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC. It is a freeware application and you can download it by clicking here!
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Facebook Messenger’ using the search option (refer to the search icon at the upper right corner of the application).
  3. Download and install the Facebook Messenger on your PC, using the link found in the above search.
  4. Hurray! You have now successfully installed Bluestacks on your PC.


After completing the above process open the app using the BlueStacks app list. Also, do note that to be able to use the services provided by the application, you will need to have your computer connected to Internet. Also, the Internet connectivity will be required in the installation process when you will be downloading the app from the app market.