Hill Climb Racing For PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

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Hill climb racing is a simple racing game available on some mobile platforms including Android, Windows Phones and some others too. It is not developed to run on your desktops and laptops as they comes loaded with Windows, Linux or some other operating systems. Here I will show you how you can get Hill climb racing for PC. It is quite an easy task and you will just need to follow 4 – 5 steps to run this spectacular game on your PC. Well, before we do that do make sure that your pc is connected to internet as the downloading and installing of the game on your PC will require internet connectivity.


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How to Run Hill climb Racing on PC?

You might already know that Hill climb racing is a mobile game available on Android and Windows Mobile; it is not officially launched for Windows or any other such operating system for your computer. Still, there is a way to play this game on your PC. To make Hill climb racing run on PC, we can make use of an emulator application. As Hill climb racing is available on Android and Windows Mobile platform, we will have to use emulator for any one of the following platforms.



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For Windows Mobile there aren’t such emulators available, however there are many android emulators available freely in the market. One of such android emulator is Bluestacks; it is the most used android emulator and the most recommended too. To use it to install and download Hill climb racing for PC we will need to follow the steps as:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your PC.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Hill climb racing’ using the app search option.
  3. When found, download and install the game on your PC.
  4. You have now successfully installed Hill climb racing on your PC.

Now, you can start playing this game. It will now be available inside the Bluestacks, from where you can run it. In spite of the fact that Bluestacks is the most popular and recommended android emulator among all the android emulators. There may be times when your device might become incompatible with the app, in such a case you can try out some other similar options such as Andy and Youwave. Andy is quite similar to Bluestacks and free too, although Youwave will be in your pocket for some bucks.


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Hill climb racing is the simplest kind of racing game, in the era of smart phones where you find yourself riding cars in games at unreal speeds. This game is not one of them, yet is the most popular racing game of all times. All this owes to its extreme game physics and the Gameplay.

The game starts slow paced with a tiny Jeep in your hands, although this will completely change as you will earn some points. The game has very interesting stages which sets off as per the name. Another good feature of the game is the upgrading option; this is respective for every other vehicle you buy. This extends the game to the never ending story, thus playable for months and years. There are only two controls which as on screen, namely ‘accelerate’ and ‘brakes’.