Bubble Blaze for PC

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Bubble blaze is a puzzle game developed for playing on Smartphone operating systems such as android and iOS. The game owes due credit to the people as more and more people are opting for simple games especially when talking about puzzle games. This game is for the people who want to have simple interaction with the screen as the game will only have a single control. The game is very light weighted and no incompatibility issues have been by far observed with the different android versions. The puzzle games are meant to be as simple as possible and in case you are an addict to such types of games, here is another addiction that you would experience.


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Main objective of the game is to make the pair of the bubbles possessing same color. This might seem quirky yet easy, well it is not because there will be situations when you will run out of bubbles or time. The game runs on a slow pace and not to high difficulty level will ever be observed. However sometimes the shades of the same color might confuse you getting you place wrong bubble.

Download Bubble Blaze for PC?

Bubble blaze is developed for android and ios, it is not yet been officially made available for your desktops and laptops. This is due to the incompatibility of apps due to cross OS. Although there is a solution to such a problem, which is to use an emulator application. Two types of emulators can be used for the purpose viz android emulators or iOS emulator. There is only one iOS emulator available in the market, “iPadian” which works quite good. However as most of the iOS apps are paid apps, it is not a good idea to use iPadian. Android emulator remains the only left option.


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There are various android emulators available that you might have heard of namely Andy, Bluestacks, Youwave etc. Of these all Bluestacks is a recommended android emulator, owing to its premium features in a free package. Also it supports all major apps and games except those which will require rooting. To run Bubble blaze on your PC, firstly download and install it using Bluestacks. All of the process completes in a very less time and is of few steps as:

  • Download and install Bluestacks for your PC. You can download it from here.
  • When installed open Bluestacks and search for ‘Bubble blaze’ using the app search feature of Bluestacks.
  • Now, download the game from the link so obtained and start its installation.
  • Wait for the game to install successfully.

When the installation has been completed successfully you will be notified by a taskbar notification. Now you have completed all the steps and your installation was successful. Before actuating on the above steps do make sure you have a working internet connection as the same will be required to get the game from the online app stores.


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You can also install the game using the apk of Bubble blaze. For this just open the game using the Bluestacks apk file handler. You can get the apk file using various sources including a backup file or download off from some apk file servers.