Powercam for PC

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Powercam as name itself suggest is developed to literally increase the power of your phone’s camera. Yeah! It is a photography app that will help you in styling your photos by simply applying the filters on them. The app is quite good with its simple features, although not great when compared to apps like Snapseed and Picsart. Still, if you are out on a discovery of a new photography application then this is quite good. Powercam is a mobile application developed for Android and may be some other mobile systems too, unfortunately you it do not have any official version of it launched for PC. Here is where we came to picture, as will be providing you the way to get the app for your PC.


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Powercam is a simple photography app that concludes many special effects and filter that you might really like. As, now nothing can beat the popularity of Snapseed as it is now Google owned; still the app has managed a good position in the market. The app has all the stuff including the simple features as cropping, brightness contrast, hue and saturation or color intensities along with the complex features as various filters. You can also make a collage of your photos using the same app, which is quite a good feature as you will now not be required to have an extra application for making collages.

How to Get Powercam for PC?

As already discussed that the app is available officially for android; none of its version re made for PC that work same on Windows, Mac or Linux. Although there resides a way to make the app available on your PC. This includes the use of android emulator application. As the app is developed to be used on android, we will have to use an emulator for android.


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There are various effectivge android emulators that you can see in the market. When tried all of them, Bluestacks was found to be the easiest to use and supportive android emulator. Thus, we will use Bluestacks because of its functions. To have the validity of the installation just follow the steps as below:

  1. Download Bluestack’s offline downloader and install on your PC using the same.
  2. When installed successfully, open the installed software and make a quick search for’ Powercam’.
  3. When found the app, download the app from the link so found.
  4. Wait for the app to download and install on your PC.

When the app has been installed successfully you will get a taskbar notification. This gives an indication that you can now start using the application, just open the application form the installed app list of the Bluestacks.


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Do have a note that in order to download the app for your PC, you require to have working internet connectivity as the app is downloaded from online resources. In case you are away from such a connection, consider using the backup of the application. This can be found as a backup from your android phone or just Google the apk.