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Snow Bros is a prestigious game that you might have been engaged in during your childhood. This is the same game that was firstly available on some 8 Bit gaming consoles like SEGA; it is now available on some mobile platforms and so is for any computer running on any version of windows. The game is quite simple to play and rather simpler are its graphics; as what else could have been expected form an 8 bit game of such a long history. Still, it is always a pleasure playing it anywhere anytime.

Snow Bros (Japan)

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Snow Bros as the name itself suggests that the game will set off in some cold region, covered with snow and ice caps. Though the region has not been revealed fully, consider it to be arctic or even ‘Pluto’ as per your imagination. You play as ‘Nick’ which is the protagonist in the game, however it is the case when playing single player; when playing two player mode another protagonist ‘Tom’ will accompany you in the quest.

‘Nick’ and ‘Tom’ are the snowmen of the so called territory. One evil spirit stood against the king of the territory and kidnaps the princess in order to gain control over the territory. It is where tom and nick are brought in and are asked to rescue the princess. Through the rescue they will face several mission and levels and by face several enemies to ensure the security of the princess and land her home safely. The antagonist of the game will however never be faced by you, there will be various bosses that you need to kill though.


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The game resembles more that of a maze game or PACMAN, though the concept is entirely different. There will be a box or a room with different shelves built at some height, you will need to jump one to other to go top. Well, the game is not about reaching the top shelf, here you will have to kill all of the enemies to complete the level. Now, a question might pop up ‘Kill?’ It is very interesting to kill enemies as it forms the USP of the game. As Nick and Tom and snowmen, so they inherit the special powers or maybe they just over throw the snow already deposited, I am clueless. Anyways pressing specific button will start throwing snow at your enemies; eventually they will become frozen under snow. Now, just a push is enough to roll them off to a wall. When strikes a wall, they will be killed.

Levels and Controls:

There is a plethora of levels as the quantity is 50, without including the bosses. The levels are well built and follow a regular design, so it becomes quite figurative what might come up next. There are around 5 enemies that you will need to kill in every level, killing more than one enemy irregularly will earn a bonus that will subsequently increase any one of speed, and snow shot density and shooting range.


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You will need a gamepad to have an awesome experience, although a keyboard might also be a good option. There will be 4 directional keys, 2 for shooting and 2 for jumping when playing SEGA version; for android it is according to emulator settings.