Free Download AutoCAD 2010 For Windows

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AutoCAD is one of greatest modelling software using which people can design their 2D or 3D shapes as per their project’s aspects. Basically, it is professional cum user friendly tool that can perform the drafting and the designing of any important idea which might be awaited to be implemented by any user. Earlier the designs used to be drawn or structured on the paper using drafting machines by great experts. But because of some natural human errors it used to be taken bit of much time to prepare an effective project or idea. And soon, another amazing example of technology and success was seen, when system installed drafting and designing tool came into existence. After which things became simpler, shorter, more accurate and less time consuming.

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It is mostly used in the field of Architecture and Civil Engineering. As in certain fields, Bridges, routes, high building are to be structured using this tool before the constructions. Most of the users including professional engineers are using AutoCAD 2010 in their systems since when it has been released.


Let’s discuss about its primary features. As discussed previously, it is useful in doing solid modelling of any structure magnificently. The setup of AutoCAD supports 32 bit and 64 bit, both operating systems. Also, it enables the user to design any three dimensional mesh structure as per the aspect pretty easily. It has a collection of manuals and tutorials for new users itself as well. CAD program could be found in any software of same kind but in AutoCAD 2010, there is an enhanced CAD programming tool which can help in improving the smartness of the project up to an extended level as well. There is no compatibility issue related to this software.

Advanced Features:

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AutoCAD has less complex user interface as a result of which drawing becomes easier to do in its software’s console itself. It comes up with some predefine objects that can be used by the users instead of drawing certain objects and the time can be saved. These objects can be seen at the console menu of AutoCAD software. The blocks of structures are graphically improvised which results an increment in the quality of appearance of the drawn structure. Documentation tool is also improvised in this program which will be helpful when it will need a proper labelling of the structure.

Minimum System Support Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1, All 32 and 64 Bit OS.
  • Pentium Core, Minimum 1.7 GHz Processor is needed.
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM memory is required.
  • Minimum HD Space of 3 GB is needed.

That was a brief overview of AutoCAD 2010 program. There are a lot of things those are to be worth known in this program. And those things will be attained by the users when they will download and install the setup of AutoCAD 2010 from internet and lately they will become familiar to this amazing professional tool. So, what you’re waiting for? Download AutoCad 2010 if you happens to be in designing field and make your work easy!