Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Free Download for Windows

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Call of Duty is a well renowned game in the gaming world, specifically when talking about ‘First Person Shooting Games’. As of now a new game has been launched in the series called, ‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’ which has been the most awaited game of the series. COD Advanced warfare had come up with many exciting new additions that shocked the gamers and which eventually will be much more addictive. The changes were quite good, when talking about the graphics and gameplay.

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was developed by ‘Sledgehammer Games’ along with High Moon Studios and Raven Software. It was published by ‘Activision on various next gen gaming consoles including PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Storyline: Set Off in 2054!

Call of Duty Advanced warfare depicts 2054 as its current era, which thus gives an implication that all of the machinery and the ammunition will totally be futuristic and advanced. Whole story centers on ‘Jack Mitchell’ who was in US Marine Cops, after he gets injured and loses one of his arm, and eventually gets retired from the US navy. Although, he soon gets an offer from ‘Atlas Corporation’, which is the most powerful private military force. The antagonist side named ‘KVA’ comes to action mean while, Mitchell is objected to disarm the group and rescue the civilians. As the time approaches, by 2060 these attacks become more frequent and more difficult to face. In the mean time, they capture a microchip which consisted of crucial information of the military attacks of the KVA. It includes all the information on how they are going to proceed and execute the attacks. Latterly, atlas HQ orders Mitchell to take the lead and stop the nuclear attacks.

Improvised Graphics:

Graphics has been stunning throughout the game, whether it is going through the most cluttered path or the open lands. Everything looks perfect and crystal clear. This can be maximized if you are using bigger LED screen with HD support. The graphics are engineered in proximity to real world, although the ammunition and the vehicles seem to have a futuristic scope.

Makeover In Gameplay:

Gameplay seems to be quite interesting with all those future weapons and attacking techniques. You can play on either side of the game i.e. the Good or the Bad; although a small isolation between them has now been removed in Call Of Duty Advanced warfare. Previously, when playing as the Bad, you do not need to take care of the civilians while shooting and can kill civilians too. Well, here is what has changed, as you are not allowed to kill any civilians whether playing as good or bad in this sequel.


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Minimum Requirements to Play Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare on PC:

  1. Processor: At least Intel’s i3 with 2.9 GHz clocking speed or equivalent.
  2. GPU: Nvidia GeForce with 1 GB of graphics memory would be consistent.
  3. RAM: 6 GB of RAM is mandatory. However, 8 Gb will yield better results.
  4. Disk Space: 55 GB installation space.
  5. DirectX 11 and its compatible mouse, keyboard or D-Pad.