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Call of Duty Ghosts is a first person perspective shooting game. The game belongs to the well renowned shooting game series ‘Call of Duty’, released a year ago, i.e. in 2013. The game is quite interesting to play all owing to its extensive storyline and the game plot. Call of duty Ghosts is all about a single US based Special military force including the main protagonist and how he consequently save the world by involving in several missions.

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Call Of Duty Ghosts was developed by Infinity Ward in association with Raven Software, Certain Affinity and NeverSoft for the game release in the respective platforms. You can play this game on a variety of gaming consoles including play station 3, Xbox 360 and you computer too, running on Microsoft Windows.

Game Timeline:

Call Of Duty Ghosts is set off in the future years, specifically in 2017 when there is a possibility of a sudden nuclear war. Although, the war will never happen as you will be objected to put the things right. The current situation is hardened by the oil producing countries as the whole world is undergoing economic crisis except them, calling themselves ‘The Federation’. The federation has taken over the Caribbean and the Central America. However, the individual military groups like Ghosts is still operating in the America to free them.

Under such situation Elias Walker is made an entry to the game who is a retired US military captain. Walker is objected to knock out the federation working under the supervision of ‘Gabriel Rorke’. Gabriel plays as the main antagonist in the game, although initially he was a part of the Ghosts. During an attack he was captured by the federation, tortured and brainwashed to turn him to their side.

Game Plot:

The game starts with the main protagonist, ‘Elias Walker’ telling the ghosts to his sons. GHOSTS is a special military operation unit of the US, although working individually. Meanwhile, Elias is notified of a mission from the Ghost. He along with his two sons David and Logan joins the mission objected to capture Rorke. They faces some difficulties at first, but manage to capture him once, on the way back to their base, rorke’s men attacks their plane and succeeds in bring him back. The game becomes quite complicated from then, as the federation becomes active on the context. They imply new methods and techniques in the attacks and lies way behind the Ghost’s reach. COD Ghosts is quite slow paced game and things happen less often with severely long missions.

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Minimum System Support Requirements:

Call of Duty Ghost is also available to play on your PC officially, and to make it run on your PC do make sure to have following hardware configuration:

  • Windows Vista or greater is required. Windows XP is unsupported.
  • Intel’s Dual Core CPU is least requirement with 2.6 GHz clock speed.
  • Minimum 8 GB is required.
  • 40 GB Free Disk Space is needed.
  • DirectX 11 needs to be installed on your system.