AutoCAD 2014 Free Download for Windows

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AutoCAD is a CAD tool developed to be used professionally by both companies and individuals too. CAD, Computer Aided Drafting is techniques that use computers to design several aspects of a design, mainly used by civil and mechanical engineers. Using this application several aspects of a design can be illustrated and analysed with ease, all owing to its stunning tools and features. The very first edition of the application was launched in 1982, as of now there are 29 editions of the application already released in the market with AutoCAD 2015 being the most recent update. There have been many effective additions of the features that has revolutionised the whole scenario of the computer aided drafting and design.

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The Interface:

Autodesk has recently changed its logo and rebranded itself, following this there have been some improvements in its default interface. The main improvement can be seen in the file menu which appears to be windows 8 look alike as ribbon menu has now been adopted in this new version of the AutoCAD. Along with this, tabs have been implemented for the files, as now you can open multiple files or the projects in one console window. As far as the ribbon menu is considered, using it is quite simple, clicking on the ribbon will open the whole file menu containing save, open and other options.

Command Line!

Command line has been introduced with a powerful new feature of auto complete. In case you have already used IDE applications like Netbeans, this might not be a new feature for you; although if you haven’t, it is a whole new concept. The auto complete feature now automatically catches the related keyword or specifically the function and suggests you to complete it. This is a powerful utility as you will observe that you have saved some precious amount of time. There is also an advanced option called autocorrect which automatically corrects the whole functions if mistypes, and this might look linked to the auto complete feature but is quite different as this will also get you an added functionality of synonym. In this case you can have the synonym of the word as per the request.

Along with it there are many other new functions that have been added to the library, which would eventually make the work and the working much better. Some of such many functions include Bolt, Round, etc.

Other Features:

There are several other features including cloud. To be able to use this feature you need to have an Autodesk account which much be logged in with your application. Cloud gives you an added functionality of moving all the project files on your cloud for common sharing between the members of the project. Although for this you might need to shell out some bucks.

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System Requirements:

  • At least Dual Core CPU with 1.8 GHz clocking speed.
  • 2GB of RAM would be enough for bulk usage.
  • Any GPU with minimal configuration.
  • 6 GB free installation required.
  • Available for MAC, Windows.