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IGI 2: Covert Strike is a shooting game developed for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS. The game is a sequel to IGI 1 – “I’m Going In”, which was released in around 2000, after three years that is in 2003 the next version IGI 2 was brought to the market by the developers. The game was developed by InnerLoop studios and published by Codemasters. The game continued its Excellency in this version too as it was gone viral too. Many new implementations were introduced in this version of the game including multiplayer mode and improved graphics. Some new important additions were also introduced in the gameplay, making the game a bit tricky too.


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The main character that is protagonist part is borrowed from its previous version, played by David Jones. Jones who works for IGI is again allotted a top secret missions relating to a super weapon. This is all about a super weapon present in the space and its certain important function part known as EMP Chips. These chips are robbed by Russian Mafia and now the whole world possesses a threat as the terrorist can bombard anywhere in the world using those EMP chips. David Jones now needs to bring back the machinery back to the safe house and restore the peace all over the world.

The game starts with a mission, with Jones on a mountain tracing the path of the EMP chips. IGI base had traced the path of the chips to be present in that area, so chief of operations Philips White ask Jones to take on the mission and bring the chips back. Jones successfully acquires some of the EMP chips although there are some chips left that are placed in a nearby mountain. As Jones reaches the remaining chips, he is attacked by Russian mafia and ultimately becomes their hostage, soon he finds that two of his men had betrayed him including his chief of operations Phillips White. On the very next scene he finds himself behind the borders or Romania left by the Russians to escape and get killed. However, Jones somehow manages to escape from the border and gets back to his base.

Jones is all empty handed with only a single trace left leading him to Jach Priboi in Russian prison. Jones now needs to plan Jach’s escape from the prison to know what’s really cooking inside. Somehow Jones manages to make Jach Escape from prison. Jach now unfolds the real story and tells him about Wu Xing, a Chinese General. Wu Xing is all after the EMP chips to get control over the super weapon and to make his country a super power.


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System Requirements:

  • Processor: Intel’s Pentium 4 or similar AMD’s configuration with 2.0 GHz clock speed.
  • 512 RAM is recommended for smooth play.
  • 2 GB free space is required for installation.
  • Any GPU with at least 128 MB memory would work well.
  • Windows 98 /XP /Vista /7 /8 /8.1 is required.
  • DirectX 9.0 is required.