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IGI 1 or IGI: I’m Going in or more popularly known as Project IGI is a first person shooting game developed to be played on computers with Microsoft Windows. The game is not developed for any of the gaming consoles. It was developed by InnerLoop studios and published under Eidos Interactive in 2000. The game went quite viral as this was the time of Doom which was the only prevailing tactical first person shooting game for computers. Project IGI was the one with more enhanced graphics and gameplay, although some people underrated it too but the game was magnificent and most of the gamers loved it.


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Gameplay and Storyline:

The game is set off in the Europe and neighbouring countries. The whole story revolves around a warhead which has been acquired by a terrorist group and you will be bringing back the warhead to the military base and to further protect it. At the very starting of the game, you will be given a short introduction of the game using a small story of the proceedings; no videos are used though. The main protagonist David Jones who is a former officer in the British military. He had been known for his mysterious tasks and operations which were stunningly executed and none of them failed. Current situation is quite dangerous as a nuclear warhead has been stolen by some terrorist and the whole world is posing a threat of a nuclear attack. At this instant British government has now called his one the best agent who specializes in such missions.

David Jones is is the person who is given the charge of bringing the warhead back to the military base. The game starts with a simple mission in which you will find a trace of the nuclear weapon, linking to Jach Priboi. Your objective will now change and you will be required to acquire Jach, as at that instant Jach will be known as primary antagonist. You along with Anya, who is an operator and team member of Jones team; are now all set to capture Jach. This is all done using a mission which when completed successfully will land up capturing Jach Priboi in your custody. After few hours of examination you will get to know about the real face behind all the scenes and the main antagonist who is ‘Ekk’. Ekk is the main leader of the terrorist group according to whom Russia needs to be replenished which can only be done by destroying it by a nuclear attack.


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While taking Jach back to the base camp, the helicopter is attacked by Ekk and Jach is taken away. However, you, as the main character, now know who is behind all this and then next mission will give more clues on where you will find the super weapon.

System Requirements:

  • Intel’s P4 processor or similar AMD configuration.
  • At least 256 MB RAM is required. For better performance use 512 MB RAM.
  • Graphics memory of at least 128MB.
  • Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1.
  • Keyboard and Mouse.