Bluestacks for Mac – Free Download

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Bluestack is an Android emulator that allows running all Android apps and games on Mac and Microsoft Windows too. It was developed by some Silicon Valley based company with the base intention of providing users an Android environment on their computers. The emulator has been developed keeping in mind the people who wasn’t able to get the Android phones in that era, as they were quite costly then. Although, prices of these same devices are getting extremely low now. There may be various utilities of the application depending upon your interests and usage. The best part of the application is that it allows you to run any of the Android game or application on your computer without as such major requirement issues.


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Bluestack was started to develop in around 2009 when the owner company was established by ‘Rosen Sharma’, a board member of and CTO at McAfee. Initially it doesn’t seem to gain much of user’s interest. It was officially launched at a conference in San Francisco happened on May, 2011. The beta version of the application was officially available to the users in October, 2011.

Bluestack comprised to main components which are still the major part of the application and you can only see the same parts being getting more advanced and better. The app player and the cloud sync. The app player is the virtual box containing the Android OS while cloud sync will sync all your apps and data onto cloud servers. It was a freeware when launched initially, although now a subscription charge of $2 a month is required or you will need to download the sponsored apps and games.

Getting Started:

Bluestack is a freeware application so downloading it is not a big issue. The installer is available in two variants; online installer and offline installer both will deliver the same application. To download from online installer you will need high speed data connectivity, although if you are not in your wifi network considers downloading offline installer.

Download the Bluestacks using the link provided here and install it on your MAC. Using this application is quite simple and it will be instantly integrated to your system OS. Open the installed Android emulator, and it may take a while to configure itself so wait till it completely configures it. If not try restarting the application by killing all of its process from the task manager, it’ll re-open itself.


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When opened for the first time, it will automatically start downloading a recipe. This is your play store so do not cancel it or obstruct it. In case you do not have working internet connection available then download the apk file of the Playstore and open it to install the Playstore on your computer. This is one time installation. Once done, you can now install any Android game or application on your MAC from play store. Additionally, Bluestack will also allow you to install the offline apps which you might have saved from your Android device. This can be done quite easily as you will just need to open the apk file of the game/app using the Bluestack apk file handler.