Badland for Mac

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Badland is a side scrolling action-adventure, developed for mobile OS. It has been officially developed for Android, iOS and Windows Mobiles too. It was developed by Frogmind game, initially for iOS and later for remaining mobile OS. The game is more like that of a flappy bird with more extemporary graphics and gameplay. It is one of those games that you will spent hours playing to; all owing to its unique concept of mobile gaming. Although, here all that matter are your survival strategies but you cannot kill anyone as you will barely see anyone around you except your own clones.


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Storyline involved with the game is quite simple. Initially, it features of a creature whose part you will be playing in the game. The game is all set off in a forest which at first looks good without any deformities and irregularities. All looks perfect whether plants or animal. Soon, this is abrupt by some unknown machinery. This machine when lighted up turns all the living beings in the forest to dead leaving behind your character. Now, you need to run through the forest to survive and also to set all the things at their right places.


Gameplay can be confusing at times because you might think of it as a side scroller first as it resembles like that of a flappy bird or an endless runner game; but soon you will notice that there are stages involved in the game. Basically it consist of various levels that you will to get through to complete the game. There is a single control in the game, which is just a screen tap. Tapping the screen will make your creature jump upwards and also move forward. More you hold the screen more it will jump higher, so it is what’s tricky in the game and you will probably need some time to get hold over to it.

Initial levels are quite simple and will help you to understand the physics of the game. Later stages will reveal more prospects of the game such as special powers. There are many special powers that will be introduced, one such will make your creature bigger while the other does the opposite and will either revert you back to the previous size or can make you more smaller. It is quite interesting to know that all of these powers are sequentially placed so that you can pass the various sections of the levels. This further implies that these powers becomes mandatory in such cases, as if your size is too big you cannot pass a small opening. Besides this there is a timer that is set in each level, you can observe it as your screen is continually moving from left to right irrespective of your motion. If it overlap you, you are dead and the game ends.


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How to Play on MAC?

To play Badland on Mac, follow these steps as illustrated below:

  • Download and install Bluestack using link here.
  • Open the installed software and make a search for ‘Badland’ using the Bluestack.
  • Observe the results and click on the official game link.
  • Now wait till the game loads itself on your Mac.
  • Okay, it might have installed till now. Open the game and start playing it.