Drag Race Rush for PC

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Drag Race Rush is a game designed for the racing fans, and this game is designed in 3D format that allows users to use all their driving skills. The game features only one opponent and the objective is to beat it by reaching first to the finishing point. Unlike the traditional racing games, you will not have to race against numerous cars.


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You will initially have the option of choosing from four car models, however, as the game advances you will have more options. The game is great with its pretty simple to play and understand gameplay. The help option will also give you an extensive guide and description on how to play, something that can be very helpful for a beginner.

The controls of the game are great and give you amazing control with a mere touch on the screen, making the gaming experience all the way better. The game graphics and music are well designed and the music is lively as well as the background sounds are also well in sync with the moves, making the experience more exciting.

The Basic Plot:

The aim of the game is to seek revenge for the drag race title that has been taken away from you. The player must get back his/her title in this 3D gaming world. The racing track is simple and designed in different parts of the world where you must beat your opponent. Your aide in the game would be Svetlana who will help you and guide you only if you play by her rules. The game allows its users the experience of playing and selecting from among 50 car models each with their own features.


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How to Download the Game for PC?

  • The game has been designed for android operating system thus anyone who wishes to download the game onto their PC involves getting the Bluestack emulator onto your PC. The software allows you to run any application that would run with the android operating system, onto your PC. The software is different for windows and Mac thus it is important that you make sure that you download the correct software onto your laptop. You can download it from here.
  • After the software has been downloaded, install it onto your computer.
  • Now, run the program and open the search window where you need to look for ‘drag race rush’ this will direct you to the app store from where you can download the game.
  • One you have found the game on the app store all you need to do is download the game and run it. Click install and then accept, the game will start downloading. After the game had downloaded run the program and you are ready to start playing.

In case you already have an android emulator downloaded onto your PC you just need to download the game from one of app store and once the download is completed, the game is ready to be played on your PC.