Eternity Warriors for Mac

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Eternity Warriors 3 is a game developed by Glu Mobile that gives the player a healthy serving of action and carnage. A free-to-play action-RPG game has been designed by its developers to cater the taste of the action fans and has the bonus of coming with a plot. The game has great graphics, allowing its players great moves, realistic animations and a number of exciting options that will give you an adrenaline rush.


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The plot involves Mawzok’Kahl, Lord of Hell who believes he is the rightful lord of the world. The game starts with the fall of the last demon tower in Northern Udar, however as the land people cheer and believe that all is good the last demon unleashes an evil curse the Eternity Sword. Now it is up to you, the hero who is given 3 avatars; an agile monk, the devastating mage and the rugged warrior to defend the land and defeat Mawzok’Kahl, Lord of Hell. To do so the player must form alliances with other players and coordinate with them to get to the ultimate goal. Along the way the players can have conversations with each other in real-time or in the virtual world.

The kicks are in slaying demons, the undead, wolves, demons and monsters with the game grading you on the speed and efficiency with which you do so. It is a real treat for the action fans as the game will draw you in with loads of action really fast and as you move up each level there is more. Each level has bosses and at the end of a level you will have to face a mini boss, you can proceed to the next level after defeating him. The mini bosses are the hardest to defeat in each level however in each stage you will get ample action. There are 3 kingdoms and each of them has a boss who also must be defeated to get to the next kingdom.

The player is provided with loads of weapons and armour, which gets upgraded as you move up each level. There is a two-pronged system the first is that which allows the user a card system where you will not need to sacrifice all your weapons and in the second system with reagents the player can get better weapons. The monetization scheme of the game allows the user to upgrade their weapons using loot or the gems that you may have won in the game or by playing quests.

Over all the game is a big plus for the action fans with its action and graphic that is sure to make it fun. The game has been designed for the android operating system and all those who want to use and play it on their PC need to download an android emulator such as Bluestack. The program will then allow you to download and play the game even on your PC.


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How to use Bluestack to Run Eternity Warriors on Mac?

  • Firstly, download Bluestack from here and install the same.
  • Open emulator and search ‘Eternity Warrior using it.
  • Click on the link of the game and start downloading it.
  • It might have downloaded and installed till now. Open it from the app list.