Real Racing 3 for Mac

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Developed by Firemonkey Studios and Published by electronic arts (EA) for different platform devices; Real Racing 3 was released in 2013. Real racing has been in the market since 2009. With time, the game has only improved and nothing else, with additional options and better graphics altogether.

It entails 12 licensed tracks for its gamers to play and crack whilst there are myriads of cars to purchase and win for completing these exciting tracks. From more than 20 car manufacturers viz Bugatti, Audi and Lamborghini, you have the option to race around in exquisite cars which makes the game even more exciting.


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Real racing 3 received great response all over the world. It was available for android and ios devices along with blackberry 10 devices as well. It is still downloadable on other platforms. In the game you start racing with basic cars like Ford Focus and Nissan Silvia, and the game gradually progresses and enters into a more detailed zone.

With a total of 49 series – which have been further divided into tiers; this game will never run out of action and options. It seems like an exciting journey altogether wherein you complete level after level.  As you earn more ‘fame points’ by winning races you start earning gold coins after driver level 6. Also, you need to service your cars so as to retain their performance capabilities which bring a different dimension to this game altogether.

Nonetheless, to add to the feel and excitement, this game is downloadable on Macs as well. Playing this game on a computer screen is obviously better and has its own benefits. With a larger screen you have more screen space for controls and also for people who do not own an Android device, now have a great option to play this game on their computers.

So how to download this game on a Mac? Well the procedure is not at all complicated and yes you can download this on mac as well.


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First of all, you need to download Bluestacks app player software in your Mac. Download Mac version here. This software is basically an android emulator software and therefore enables you to play android platform games on your mac.

  • After you’re done installing this software on your mac; you need to open this software wherein all its options and functions are listed.
  • The Bluestack user interface has a search bar, where you have to type in ‘real racing 3’ in this search bar. As soon as you find your game you need to download and install it in your Mac. Download link of the game will direct you the official Google Play store. Hit the install button there and the game will begin installing in your Mac.
  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed all the files, you’re all set to play real racing 3 on the larger screen of your mac.