LibreOffice Viewer for Mac

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LibreOffice suit is Similar to other free office suits, which have various features to meet all the office requirements of the user. LibreOffice suit has much to offer in the guise of word Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Drawing, Database and a calculator. All of this makes it possible to fulfil all the needs of professional work. With features similar to Ms-word and that too free of cost makes LibreOffice suit is a great choice.


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What does LibreOffice Viewer Offer to Mac Users?

LibreOffice Viewer app has been designed for most of the mobile OS including android, iOS and Windows mobile. If is a free office suit, that offers all the applications that will help you keep up with your office needs. Various applications that come with the office suit include, the word processor that in many ways is quiet similar to MS word, as it allows the user to fulfil all their basic text editing properties. Calc is the second application on offer, allowing the user to create spreadsheets and edit them, you can also use it to create charts and graphs. The third program is Impress, allows the user to create power point presentations. These presentations can be viewed on any computer that has an Adobe Flash installed, it also allows you to export presentations as SWF files. The Draw program is similar to Microsoft Visio and allows the user to run math applications and also use mathematical formulas. Microsoft Access allows you creation and management of databases as well as create forms and reports.

The application has much to offer for Mac users and also allows you to share word documents, presentations and files with other operating systems such as windows. LibreOffice offers full compatibility making file sharing easy. Thus, it is a great choice for anyone who needs an open-source software or is using an open document format. It makes it possible to open word documents on Mac. It is possible to save files in a number of formats, this allows you to share files on different computers. The applications are versatile and offer a lot to the user, something that the user will have to get at a considerable cost with other similar software’s.


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The latest version of LibreOffice has some additions and is an upgrade to its previous version but has essentials all the same.

How to Download LibreOffice for Mac Users?

As already discussed earlier that the app is officially developed to be used on mobile devices, which have the OS android, iOS or Windows mobile. It is not officially available for mac, to get it on your mac you can use Bluestack, which is an android emulator. Here is how you can use this emulator to run LibreOffice viewer on your PC:

  • Download Bluestack and using the package install it.
  • Open it and look for ‘LibreOffice viewer’ using the search option.
  • Click on the link to open play store.
  • Now, tap on install button to download and install it.

This makes the task slightly more odious, however the fact that the file has been digitally signed by the Document Foundation the file will not activate any warning signals from your computer.