Adobe Lightroom Mobile For Mac

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2014 was the year when adobe launched it photo editing app Lightroom, an app that has been designed for mobile users allowing them, amazing photo editing options on the go. The initial version was announced for apple mobiles, while the android version was launched in 2014 followed by the version that is designed to run on tablets. The android version of the app is designed to work with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or later versions.


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What is Adobe Lightroom?

Lightroom mobile will transform the way you edit, organize as well as share your images. It allows you to sync images to and from mobile phones onto PC and vice versa. The app is provided with some amazing tools allowing to edit fine picture details including contrast, colours, Clarity, Vibrancy ,Saturation etc. although it is not a standalone app and requires a subscription of Adobe Plan of Creative Cloud. While for those who want to try out the app without shelling out money can get a 30 day trial version.

What Can Be The App Used For?

The Adobe Lightroom mobile app has to offer a number of wonderful features that include editing, sharing, organizing and storing images on the go. One of the first and most obvious usage is that the app allows you to edit images, these can be raw files from your DSLR camera; while using the Smart Previews option, you can edit images from your phone’s Gallery or you can also Enhance images while using the large number of editing tools that Lightroom has to offer.

The second use of this app is that it allows you to organize your images after editing, alteration as well as new images that you take will automatically sync onto your desktop. This is done with the help of the Creative Cloud software for the desktop. The app allows you to rate, organize them in accordance in folders as well as reject images, making it easy to remember, store and view what you like.

For those who love to share can also do so using the Adobe Lightroom mobile app, as you can share your images on social networking sites using the built in feature, creating your own online library. You can view comments on the images on your shared gallery, can comment back and delete too.


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Use Lightroom Mobile App on your Mac:

The lightroom mobile app has much to offer and the editing, sharing as well as organizing tools that it has can be of great use when used on your desktop. However since the app is designed for mobile phone users you need to download Bluestack an android emulator, that allows you to search as well as run android applications on your mobile phone. Once you have downloaded as well as installed bluestacks on your computer you can search and install the lightroom mobile app onto your Mac, using the Playstore provided in the bluestack.