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Market is now-a-days flooded with messenger applications, moreover there are now regional trends for such messenger application. For example Line and Wechat are respectively viral in their native country of their development. Well, talking about the new in the area, it is ‘Flashchat’. Flashchat is a simple messaging application which is built in a very unique way. Unlike all other messenger application it doesn’t require you to sign up to its community to prevail to its services, rather services are totally free and your messages are not stored onto any servers; giving you an extra layer of privacy. It works on the basis on your Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use this application at your home or at office to talk to everyone else connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


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A Wi-Fi Messenger!

Yeah! You can call it a Wi-Fi messenger as it won’t work if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi router. Basically it can be considered to a p2p messenger where you can get a list of all the people connected to a common Wi-Fi. You can also select any user from the list to start chatting with.

This application was developed and released in 2014 by Nexstreaming Corp, for some mobile OS including iOS and Android; thus making it cross-platform messenger. Although, there are many other OS for which the app has been officially not developed yet, including the ones which are found in desktops and laptops, such as Mac and Windows. Though, for other mobile OS there isn’t a solution, but there is a way to run this app on your Mac.

How does it Works?

Flashchat is a messenger application with quite intuitive concept and overlay. To get started with the application you can download it for your device’s from respective app store. To get it really working you will need to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network, and once connected you can access the list of all the users connected to the same router. However, you can only see the people who have Flashchat installed on their respective devices.

The app works on quite a simple protocol, called as Ad-hoc networks. Where devices can be connected together to create a common workspace and to share files and messages. This has been existing for computers since a very long time, although there aren’t as such specific apps present to ease your way and avoid the coding stuff. Well, Flashchat does all the necessary abstraction.


Using Flashchat you can send text messages, emoticons, images, videos and can directly shoot and send snaps too. The only requirement of the application is a Wi-Fi connectivity and the app preinstalled on the user’s device, you want to talk with. Another main feature of this application is that, it doesn’t store your messages anywhere on the servers or even on any device. Whenever you disconnect yourself from any Wi-Fi router, messages will automatically vanish; thus giving you extra privacy.


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How to run on Mac?

  • Download Bluestack. Here is its offline installer.
  • Install it using the offline installer downloaded.
  • Open it and search for the app ‘Flashchat’.
  • When found download and install it!