Audible for Mac: Audio books On Your Computer

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Audible is a company owned by Amazon. It is known for its huge range of audio books that one can listen to have wholesome entertainment. All it requires is downloading of Audible app on your device (whether Android or iOS) and you are ready to listen to not just stories and novels but also to TV programs and even newspapers and magazines in audio versions. Though it is a paid app, there is free trial for a month available to let people experience the thrill of listening and buy the app later. Audible was available only on Android and iOS platforms making Mac owners envious and disappointed. But now, you can enjoy Audible for Mac to listen to the books that you are interested in.

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There is a World of Books And Programs That You Can Listen To:

Audible has more than 150,000 titles that you can choose from to listen on your Mac, after downloading Audible for Mac. If you are very busy and do not have the time to read books, Audible is the best tool for you. If there is a book that you find very interesting during a visit to your favorite book shop lately but you do not have time to read it, just download the audio book on your Mac and listen to it whenever you have free time. You can even listen to a novel or bestseller while working on your Mac.

Full of Some Very Exciting Features:

Audible is a wonderful app with some exciting features. There are many options for control that a user can use. If you find it difficult to enjoy the audio at normal speed, you can make it slower or faster depending upon your liking. It has a feature that allows you to take a look at all the latest titles that are added. It also recommends and suggests titles based upon your past use. You can also explore the titles and programs based upon genres. What is unique is that Audible for Mac allows you to configure and customize the categories and your preferences to make the app more convenient for use.

Bookmark The Page To Resume From Where You Stopped:

Once you have started reading a book, Audible for Mac makes it possible to bookmark the page where you stopped, to allow you to resume from that very page. There is a button free mode as well as a sleep mode in Audible to allow for stopping the audio book at a given time. This means that your Mac does not continue to run when you sleep listening to your favorite story. With the help of this app, you can easily log in to the Audible store and look for more books. This is not all, as Audible for Mac also keeps you abreast with the developments in life of the author of the books that you have listened to in this tool. Download Audible for Mac and listen to audio books whenever you want.

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How To Get Audible For Mac?