EA Sports UFC for Mac: Enjoy The Ultimate Fighting

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EA Sports entertainment is up here with another game known as UFC. The game is completely based on the concept of Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC. UFC as the name suggests is a fighting championship which is solely based on arm and foot fighting. UFC is a game which lies in the genre of games like Mortal Kombat and WWE Immortals. But this game stands to make a mark and gives a complete experience. Ultimate Fighting Championship is developed for gamers by Electronic Arts Canada and SkyBox Labs and published by Electronic Arts Sports. The game has seen many improvements since it was first launched by THQ and later rights were purchased by Electronic Arts.


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The game features many international and world renowned players. Players like the legend Bruce Lee and Royce Gracie are also part of bonus unlockable fighters list. The game can be played in a total of nine roster. There are many players divided in all nine roster and women players are also given place. The rosters which can be played are Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight, Flyweight and Women’s Bantamweight. The game is constantly updated to add new players and improve the gaming experience.

1. Gameplay

The Gameplay of UFC is pretty decent. It is a mixed martial art fighting game which uses skills of the player to knock out its enemies. This game does not have any fancy characters like some lizard creature as seen in games like Mortal Kombat. All the characters are based on real life players with each having a combination of attack and skills set to impress gamers with. Controls of the game are decent and easy to catch on. Though learning combination takes some time. Winning each game gets you silver coins with which you can unlock other players. Some players are very difficult to unlock and requires gold coins which are similarly difficult to get hands on to.

2. Sound

Sound effect gives feel of martial arts along with some bare body combat. Sound sets the mood and takes gamers to believe themselves as players. Sound is though not a very quality but it is just working fine.

3. Graphics

Graphics of the game is not top class. There is a bit of too shine on fighters body which provides for both shiny look and sweat but it does make them look like a complete plastic. Screen frames also lags though it is not very prominent but it can still be feel while playing. The arena and the lights are all good. Ring also provides for a bit realism.

EA Sports UFC on Mac?

EA Sports UFC

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  • First of all search for an android emulator. The option being the BlueStacks can be downloaded from here.
  • Download and install the BlueStacks properly on your Mac.
  • Search for EA Sports UFC on the search tab available on the BlueStacks.
  • On getting the needed app carefully download the app.
  • The game takes no time and gets installed on your Mac.
  • Play the game and enjoy the experience of fighters on a virtual space.